Barrels, Barrels and More Barrels. Announcing The Barrel Market, Only on LibDib.

By Cheryl Durzy - 

When LibDib was founded in 2016 the premise was simple: allow any Maker to sell any quantity (from bottles to truckloads) efficiently via the three-tier system. Technology was (and remains) the key to enabling LibDib’s business model and the evolution of the industry. We built an incredible platform, partnered with industry leader (RNDC), and have released a number of new features and offerings that make it easier to buy and sell wholesale wine and spirits.

Part of our growth has been discovering new channels of business that aren’t necessarily  attractive to traditional distributors. However, many of these opportunities work well with LibDib’s marketplace and agile method of operations. Enter our latest innovation: The LibDib Barrel Market.

So how did we get here? Over the last few years, we know we do some things really well. First and foremost, I like to call out e-premise. We are great at finding unique offerings and helping them get to market and ultimately to consumers via e-commerce. And now, with barrels, we have unearthed another need in the marketplace where LibDib can win at providing the best service to both Makers and Buyers. 

Over the past year we’ve been quietly developing the Barrel Market, starting with a few top beta testers. These are Makers with unique expressions that have barrel offerings available for our Buyers. Over time the barrel program was built--and more and more Buyers have shown interest. Shipping is seamless and everyone is happy. That’s the true definition of a successful marketplace.

So today, we are so proud to officially announce the launch of the LibDib Barrel Market, the industry’s first web and mobile based market for purchasing spirits barrels. For the first time ever, licensed Buyers can now browse and purchase barrel selections online or via LibDib’s iOS app

Any licensed Maker can place a barrel of custom spirits on LibDib and once compliance requirements are met, restaurants, bars and retailers can curate, shop, discover and purchase barrel picks—all online. LibDib adds a standard low 14% mark-up. 

So, calling all distilleries looking to showcase barrel offerings to an audience of enthusiastic Buyers. 

Welcome to the LibDib Barrel Market.