LibDib’s Control State Strategy and Our First Control Market: Pennsylvania

When LibDib launched in 2017, the goal of the company was to give all Makers the opportunity to sell their products in any market to the Buyers that want them. From the beginning, my personal goal...

Introducing RNDC On Demand (formerly LibDib@RNDC)

A quick update for our Makers, especially in Texas, Indiana, Louisiana, Georgia, Oklahoma and Kentucky: we have changed the name of LibDib@RNDC to RNDC On Demand. This rebranding has been a long time...

The Drizly Void and How Makers Can Navigate It With LibDib

By Cheryl Durzy, Founder & CEO, LibDib

Why You Should Care about Shipping

Calling all Makers. It’s time to pay some attention to shipping.

For Women’s History Month Support Women in Beverage Alcohol Industry

Happy Women’s History Month! As a female CEO in both the technology space and beverage alcohol industry, I am incredibly proud of this company and its dedication to women in our industries. LibDib’s...

Choose the Plan That’s Right for You: Introducing LibDib’s New Tiered “Extra” Services

Last year, LibDib announced Gold and Silver service tiers and Makers have been loving these value-added offerings. That’s why we are pleased to announce several new LibDib service tier offerings....

2023 Distribution Opportunities for Brands: Get Started on a Successful Path

Hello 2023, a new year chock-full of opportunities for Makers to start introducing their offerings to restaurants, retailers and consumers around the country. If you are a wine or spirits Maker...

Just In Time for Dry January: LibDib Offers the Easy Way to Distribute Non-Alcohol Brands

The no-alcohol/non-alc category within the beverage industry is on fire. Nielsen reported this year that “as of August 2022, non-alcoholic wine took up 13.4% of sales, with a market worth $52.04...

5 Questions for E-Premise Partner, Shots Box

E-Premise has been a LibDib topic for some time. Why? The growth of E-Premise has been an important part of the evolution of three-tier distribution. This DTC method of building a brand online...

Get to Know LibDib’s Senior Portfolio Manager, Rachel Minor

Makers are the lifeblood of LibDib and no one keeps our Maker business running more smoothly than Senior Portfolio Manager, Rachel Minor. She works with our Makers every day to make sure they are...
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