I am LIVE on LibDib. Now What???

Congrats! You are live!  You have spent time making a page full of great content and telling your winery/distillery story. Pictures, video, awards, sell sheets, recipes, pairings, social media links and you're now getting started with LibDib. Everything is within the platform and ready to go.

Now what? Let’s discuss five relatively easy things to get you started on the path to distribution.

  1. Set up a trade section on your website. It should include, at the very minimum, the states that you have distribution in and a link to your distributor(s). Link back to LibDib in our states. Here’s a one example from one of our Makers. The easier you make it for an account to find you, the more likely the account is going to order your products.

  2. Send out a press release announcing your new market(s). Consider using a wire service to distribute the release. Business Wire and PR Newswire both offer market by market distribution services for business announcements. Often times, local business papers will pick up statewide news. A few examples from LibDib Makers can be found here and here
  3. Announce your new distribution markets on social media. Be sure to tag @lib_dib or @liberationdistribution. Accounts that are following you will now know your products are available for purchase. LibDib will also repost if we see it or if we are tagged….and we have a number of accounts that follow us and express interest in our new arrivals.

  4. Invite a few accounts and add a personal note. Make sure to look in the platform under the selling tab to review this functionality. Remember, sales and relationships start with one account, then two….and so forth.

  5. Consider adding a “Find Us” page on your website (if you don’t already have one). As you start to get accounts, be sure to add them. It can be really easy via Google maps. Here is a great example from one of our Makers.

One more thought. I can’t stress enough the importance of good content on your page. Accounts get to know your brand via what you put out there, and so do we. Keywords and other information provide us data ensuring the right accounts are seeing your products when they log in. We also do product curation in our marketing messages. So the more information we receive on the platform, the easier it is for for us to find you and promote, in addition to your own efforts.

Congrats on choosing LibDib for your distribution needs. Happy Selling!