New to LibDib: Gold and Silver Service Plans (With a Smile)

We are so excited to introduce the next level of service when it comes to the LibDib experience. Welcome to LibDib Gold and Silver! 

For some time now, LibDibbers have been clamoring for additional capabilities to showcase their brands on LibDib and grow case sales with our key partners. Ultimately, our Makers asked, and we listened. The time is finally here to launch these services for our valued Makers. 

LibDib now offers three Maker plans: All LibDibbers (Traditional), Silver and Gold.

Each level offers various features depending on a Maker’s needs. Enhanced listings and customer engagement tools, marketing support, and VIP service are now offerings Makers can access. 

Click here to review each plan and to decide on the right one of you. And if you need a little help, we’ve put together this handy dandy questionnaire to help determine your plan.  

Q: I need help building my page! Can I send you my assets and can we work together to make sure I have a great looking LibDib brand page? 
A: Absolutely! You should be a GOLD Maker. 

Q: Can I have a dedicated Portfolio Manager to help me navigate all my opportunities with LibDib, both on and off the platform?  A:Yes! This service is available with both the Silver and Gold Plans. 

Q: Can I advertise my brand and products to Buyers on LibDib?
A: Go Gold! That’s the right plan for you!

Q: Will you introduce me to some of your key Buyers that are looking for innovative and interesting products for their e-commerce opportunities? 
A: We love when our friends become your friends. Our Gold Plan brands will be introduced regularly. 

Q: Can I be on LibDib just for my E-Premise partnership?
A: LibDib supports all E-Premise partnerships at our introductory level. 

Q: Can LibDib support my chain placements? 
A: Chain placements are a significant amount of hands-on work when it comes to working with LibDib. From product submission, to EDI order support, as well as taking on inventory and order consolidation at warehouses, there is a lot of very important work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure the very important chain customer is being serviced. Go Gold for this service.  

Q: I see LibDib recommend products in its social media channels. Can you consider mine? 
A: Yes! LibDib has a great social media following from all corners of the industry. Moving forward, we will recommend products in our channels exclusively for our Gold Makers. 

Q: I have unique barrel offerings available for sale. Can LibDib help?
A: LibDib’s Gold plan offers access to our Barrel Market and VIP communication and coordination with Buyers to make sure the sale and delivery goes smoothly. Bonus: We can also introduce Gold Makers to retailers that are interested in purchasing spirits by the barrel. 

Q: Do I have to pay to be on LibDib? 
A: No. There will always be the free option to be on LibDib which provides distribution access to any of our markets, your own brand page and product listings, LibShip, Digital Requests, and support from the Maker team via email (  is available to all Makers at no charge. 

Q: Why do I have to pay for a Gold or Silver Plan?  
A: LibDib’s additional services require more time, expense, staffing and technology development. The Gold Plan also includes access to key partners we have spent the last five years with developing our relationships. By providing opt-in capabilities with our Plans, LibDib is able to keep its margins the lowest in the industry (14% vs. 30% and up with other wholesalers) and still provide a high level of support for both our Makers and Buyers. Win-win!

These are just a few of the key offerings now available for LibDib Gold and Silver Makers.

There is limited availability for Gold Makers, so act now to reserve your spot!

Click here for more information.