Choose the Plan That’s Right for You: Introducing LibDib’s New Tiered “Extra” Services

Last year, LibDib announced Gold and Silver service tiers and Makers have been loving these value-added offerings. That’s why we are pleased to announce several new LibDib service tier offerings. These service levels empower Makers to take advantage of our team’s time and expertise, and grow their distribution. 

LibDib’s core mission is to provide distribution to any Maker in any of our markets. That’s why there will always be a free version of LibDib. However, Makers in different phases of distribution need varying levels of assistance and selling tools. That’s why we recently added:

  • LibDib+: The first level of service. With this package, Makers get an enhanced listing on the site as well as the opportunity to utilize LibDib’s very popular Sell Sheet functionality.
  • Onboarding Upgrade Add On: For Makers that need to get onboarded quickly for a timely order, or Makers that need a little extra assistance when it comes to navigating the onboarding process and compliance requirements. This is a one-time fee that any Maker can take advantage of.
  • LibSights Add On: Real-time data insights into sales performance and forecasting. LibSights also allows Makers to monitor sales team effectiveness and reduce potential revenue leakage. This can be added to Gold or Silver service tiers for a monthly fee. 

LibDib also continues to offer our standard Gold and Silver service tiers. For Makers that need the support of a Portfolio Manager, these are the two levels (call or email) for LibDib support. This has been the number one most popular feature over the last year.  

For Makers that need a small amount of non-aging inventory available to service VIP accounts (chains, BTG, key accounts), that offering is available at the Gold level in most markets. Makers need to be sure to provide the LibDib team with details of exactly what they need so we can assist. 

Keep in mind that Gold Members are also considered first when it comes to key Buyer introductions and inclusion in sales programs, so if that’s important to a Maker’s wholesale distribution strategy then a Gold level service plan might be best. 

Gold and Silver members also receive extra visibility on and off the platform by participating in social media campaigns, LibDib email campaigns, banner ads on the platform and inclusion in seasonal categories. 

Our pricing tiers start at just $50 per month, with discounts given for annual plans.  Click here to learn more and sign up today.