Supply Chain Chaos or an Opportunity?

For those of us lucky enough to be in the beverage alcohol industry, you are well aware of the current supply chain issues affecting businesses around the world. Here are three examples of recent press about these challenges here, here and here. Labor shortages, transportation issues and warehouses busting at the seams (no more room to store!). Cap that off with e-commerce sales going through the roof and consumers expecting things to arrive within two days, it’s a challenging time.

For the wine and spirits industry specifically, there are massive sales expectations for November and December. With on-premise getting back into the swing of things, gatherings, parties AND the continued growth of e-commerce….big beverage Makers are warning of shortages. And those wine and spirits shortages are already starting to happen. There will be empty spots on retailers’ shelves and out of stock wine lists this holiday season. 

However, is this an opportunity for small Makers to help customers who are in a tight spot get their consumers that $40 American Whiskey or $20 GSM Blend? I believe it is. 

Both Buyers and Makers can utilize LibDib during these supply challenged times. Here’s how:

LibDib Buyers
Have a hole on the shelf you need to fill? LibDib carries thousands of SKUs from Makers all over the world, at all price points. Try something different and your customers may thank you for giving them exciting new options. From tequila, to whiskey, to holiday gift packs, and wines of all varietals. Just sign in here and start browsing. 

LibDib Makers

Makers, I spent 20 years in your shoes. Chaos can lead to opportunity. Here’s how to set up for success on LibDib. 

First and foremost, are you having supply chain issues of your own? If you are out of stock, have a vintage or batch update, or need to update available stock on LibDib….DO IT NOW!  We have Buyers searching every day for new products that are supposed to be AVAILABLE. Do not risk the first contact with a new account being disappointing. 

Now here’s the fun stuff. How to make new Buyer friends during this time of opportunity! 

  1. Reach out to your existing customers and see if they need more product or want to add a new SKU.
  2. Do some new customer research in your LibDib markets and reach out to some new potential accounts. Ensure continued supply (and mean it) for a specific amount of time. 
  3. Consider quantity discounts or temporary price adjustments (check the compliance laws in each state first!) to “fill a gap” of a popular product/line that might be OOS. 
  4. Try offering “rainbow” packs. Many on-premise accounts are still recovering from closures during the pandemic. If you can offer a case of four bottles each of three popular varietals (Chardonnay, Cabernet and Pinot Noir for example), you might just get three new points of distribution! 

Happy November and December to all LibDibbers!  Happy selling!