The Evolution of Three-Tier is Here: Liberation Distribution (LibDib) and Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) Form a New Partnership

The Evolution of Three-Tier is Here- Liberation Distribution (LibDib) and Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) Form a New Partnership

I am excited to announce that LibDib has cemented a partnership with RNDC, the country’s second largest wine and spirits wholesaler.


Just to be able to say this out loud is just, wow. Our goal of bringing three-tier distribution to any Maker in every state is now that much closer due to our amazing new partner that is currently in 22 states.

Some of you may be asking why did LibDib chose to partner with a large distributor like RNDC? After sitting down with RNDC CEO, Tom Cole, we decided that together we could really make an impact on the evolution of the three-tier system.

In the upcoming months, LibDib will roll out our distribution model in new states. LibDib will leverage RNDC’s advanced logistics in these markets and in return RNDC will have access to LibDib’s technology platform, enabling them to use web-based three-tier distribution for the Suppliers and Customers in their markets. Both LibDib and RNDC will co-exist in these markets, allowing us to service the entire distribution spectrum. How cool is that?

Small Makers, through LibDib, will gain distribution in half the country. Ultimately, the logistics power of a massive industry player is now accessible to Makers of all sizes. RNDC knows how to get a case to a customer very efficiently. RNDC and LibDib’s partnership will provide all Makers with Tier 3 compliant distribution, without any headaches.

Here is how LibDib distribution will evolve:

  • Makers seeking distribution will list their products on LibDib.
  • Continue to network, build relationships, and sell sell sell via LibDib. Makers will continue to receive order notifications from LibDib.
  • We will leverage the RNDC footprint to facilitate local delivery in each market.
  • Joint customers are happy because they can now get access to really cool new craft products, one case at a time.

So many benefits to everyone involved. The team at RNDC is super forward thinking when it comes to technology, supporting emerging brands and data. For LibDib, everything is 100% three-tier compliant, one case at a time.

And like RNDC knows logistics, we know technology. We have already begun working together on new and exciting innovations for both our suppliers and customers as well as future initiatives when it comes to data about small production, craft brands.

Stay tuned for more from this partnership. It has only just begun…….