Why You Should Care about Shipping

Calling all Makers. It’s time to pay some attention to shipping. 

There are many different components when it comes to being a successful Maker on LibDib. Quality materials. Make good stuff. Package it nicely. Get it to the end destination safely. Remember, we are transporting heavy, breakable and highly regulated liquids. Getting it there is the final and most  important step.  

Here are 3 reasons why LibDib’s shipping matters and what you can do to ensure your offerings get to Buyers safe and sound. 

  1. Breakage: When wine or spirits bottles break because they are not properly packaged for shipping, it’s a literal mess. Even if one bottle breaks, a sticky situation often ensues (and potentially damages) all the labels in the box. Sometimes our shipping partner will catch breakage before it ends up at the Buyer. However, sometimes it gets missed and a Buyer has a less than satisfactory experience with soggy cardboard, sticky bottles and unsalable products. Makers--you spend a lot of time creating amazing offerings and packaging. Don’t skimp on the last step and ruin that first impression. 
  2. Delays: With breakage comes returns and reshipping. This is a big setback in the entire process and can often add at least a week to final fulfillment. Again, you have a disappointed Buyer. If it's a first time Buyer, it is that much harder to get a reorder. 
  3. Opportunity: To add an extra personalized touch to your Buyer. LibDib’s model is unique in that your package is going from the distillery or winery to the buyer (most often with a stop at a warehouse, but it remains intact). Throw in a little personalized note to say thank you to your Buyer for their support. POS materials can also be delivered with products, which is very convenient for Buyers as they unpack and place items on the shelf. Little things can go a long way to build relationships. 

Today, LibDib announced a partnership with Gorilla Shippers. Not only are they family-owned and environmentally** friendly, but they have FedEx Certified* shipping materials. This creates a very streamlined process with LibShip, LibDib’s shipping program with FedEx. Click here to read the announcement. For more information about LibShip and rates, please click here

*What does FedEx Certified mean? FedEx has a Packaging Lab where they test boxes and put them through worst case scenarios. Only those that pass a series of rigorous tests will be able to use the label FedEx Certified. 

**Hexaboxes are made from 100% post-consumer waste and are easy to stand up and break down. They are biodegradable and can be put right into the recycling bin. These shippers are perfect for LibDib spirits makers, especially with those different sized, delicate bottles.