The Alternative to Self-Distributing Wine and Spirits

Self-distributing your wine or spirits? 

Here’s an option that will save you time and money.

For many wine and spirits producers, self-distribution seems like the obvious route to market (in states where it’s allowed). At first glance, self-distribution may seem like the cheapest route, but LibDib’s distribution model can save time and money.

Self-distribution can end up being very costly when you add up the time and staff needed to process orders, collect payments, deal with past dues/bad debt, and handle delivery details. Simply put, self-distribution is not designed for growing alcohol brands. 

You might already be self-distributing your wine and spirits and you know all of this. You’re ready to graduate to the next stage. If so, congrats on growing your brand from the ground up! You’ve built an empire the hard way: you wore four dozen hats while juggling bottles and jiggers. You built and staffed a small tasting room, shipped to your wine club, and hit the road to sell.

Now what? You can continue running on all cylinders or you can begin to grow your empire beyond your backyard. A great way to expand to new markets is LibDib, the wine and spirits distributor who can take over the distribution piece and allow YOU to focus on what you do best...maybe it's production, maybe it's selling, maybe you found your niche in marketing. We’re pretty sure that the "distribution" piece of the business remains the most difficult thing you do.

You may worry about moving the order process over to a distributor. After all, you’re heavily invested in your relationships with buyers. That’s why LibDib’s model works so well. With LibDib, Makers can pass the ordering process to LibDib while continuing to own relationships. Makers submit the orders and work with buyers directly. Because of this, strong relationships can be maintained through other avenues like visiting accounts in-person, calling, texting, emailing, and even hosting events for buyers. Makers can continue to focus on establishing and developing those relationships and LibDib takes over the impersonal responsibilities.  How many new accounts are you missing out on because your rep is spending time making deliveries and following up? 

LibDib works for the first case ever sold and it works for the 100 case sale. It’s a distribution process that doesn’t need tweaking or constant attention. LibDib’s model is set up to mold to your business and scale with your growth. Using LibDib also means Makers can keep autonomy and control over their alcohol brand. They can share their story, their passion and their strengths with buyers directly. 

Using LibDib means two things: 

  1. Wine and spirits Makers can easily and cost-effectively distribute products.
  2. LibDib is a distribution model that grows with brands.

LibDib is the future of alcohol distribution for all types of brands. See how LIbDib can become a tool in your arsenal. One that makes selling your wine and spirits easier so that you can focus on expansion. 

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