Supporting Small Food & Beverage Businesses is Crucial Right Now

The fallout from the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted virtually every facet of businesses for both large and small. In the liquor and wine industry, these problems have manifested themselves in the forms of restaurant and tasting room closures.

And while retail liquor stores are booming--people are certainly adding to their personal alcohol reserves during quarantine--the pandemic is still putting small-batch producers into a corner, especially if they currently have limited distribution options. New businesses that haven’t had the opportunity to create inroads and a large number of relationships, are especially vulnerable.

Now is the time to make a concentrated effort to support these small businesses by buying wine and spirits from them. LibDib makes it easy for retail buyers to discover and buy boutique wines and craft spirits made by small-batch distilleries and wineries. In a matter of minutes, retailers can network with these craft beverage Makers across the country. 

There’s an opportunity to discover a new limited production bourbon or to try a case of a small production Sauvignon Blanc. LibDib has no case order minimums, so retailers  (and that includes restaurants who are currently doing take-away orders) are free to try a little of anything they like. (For some ideas on wines or spirits to try, read our recent post about the products LibDibbers are enjoying during quarantine.)

Meanwhile, LibDib’s technology allows Makers to proactively reach out to retailers and grow their new accounts while quarantining. LibShip is fully operational and we are delivering to accounts. Makers can connect with stores and take-out/delivery restaurants that need to stock their shelves. It’s an innovative route to market for those with tasting room closures.

Supporting the food and beverage community is important. Not just now, because of the current circumstances, but always, LibDib is a community. We are a group of Makers and Buyers of all shapes and sizes, and from every background.

Let’s take the time to support each other so we can all come out together on the other side. 

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