Blue Finger

If you are a craft distiller, please join me for the rescheduled American Craft Spirits Association webinar, now on January 31 at 3:00 pm EST. To sign up and get more information, click here. I’ll be talking about all things distribution--not just LibDib--but my experiences and how to be successful in today’s environment of consolidation (both on the distributor side AND the producer side).

Why did we reschedule this webinar? Well, kind of a funny/weird story. I was originally scheduled to do the webinar in mid-December. Slides were complete, I had a call with the ACSA team to learn how to do the tech part of it. I was excited!

I had my usual morning at home. I woke up early, went to my HIIT class that I go to every Wednesday at 5:45 am (I need to work out in the morning, otherwise it does not happen). I was home by 7 and making breakfast for my kids and getting them organized for school. Then, I looked at my hand.

My middle finger had turned blue. For real. Blue. It was swollen too, like it was broken, But it felt fine. No trauma, nothing. I could bend it and do everything normally. Weird, right? My husband took a look. He likes the phrase “horses, not zebras.” Based on (what I think is) his infinite wisdom (you’re welcome, honey), I figured no big deal. I finished getting ready and got to work.

My finger was getting bluer by the minute. I showed a colleague at work whose dad is a doctor. His dad said press on her nail to make sure there is no blood clot. Once I heard that, now came the anxiety. Blood clot? Would I lose a finger? I really, really need my middle finger (for typing, of course...HA).

Then another colleague took a look and Facetimed her sister who is a nurse. The sister took a look at the color of my finger and made a face and said, ”Ohhhh wow.” Ok, more anxiety. Then she said go to the doctor. immediately. That was when I called our PR rep to reschedule the webinar. She must have thought I was nuts. Conversation went a little like this”


hi, it’s me. I need to cancel the webinar.”

“Oh no, why?”

“I am freaking out. My finger turned blue and I hear it might be a blood clot and I need to go to the doctor.”

“Wait, what? Ok, go go go!”

Long story short, all is fine. I still have my middle finger and it has resumed its normal color. They checked my heart and circulation. Dr. Gary was pretty baffled and kept me in the ER all day. As it turns out, I had something literally called Acute (Benign) Blue Finger Syndrome. For no reason, my finger turned blue. And that’s a thing.

The Blue finger episode did remind me of something important that I definitely slacked on this past year with start-up CEO life and all. It reminded me to slow down a bit, check in with myself and stay healthy. I need to take the time to make sure all is ok.

LibDib is in an intense growth phase right now. We have many opportunities thrown at us every single day. It’s important to slow down, find the right things, reflect and take it all in. And don’t freak out about the blue finger. But, spend the time to get it checked out.

PS: I love Jeff, one of our engineers. He made me this awesome ringtone to always remind me of my blue finger. 

PPS: Hope to see you on January 31 at the webinar.

PPSS: If you have ever experienced blue finger, let me know. And let’s share pictures.