Geeking Out: A Look At 2017 Trends From The New Distributor On The Block

Geeking Out- A Look At 2017 Trends From The New Distributor On The Block

My first year as a licensed distributor is coming to an end. Building a start-up has taken most of my time and I am usually found heads down on my laptop or on the phone most days. However,  even after only a few months of sales, I can already see a few interesting trends emerging. This is exciting to me…as we grow and scale, the data regarding small Makers and what/where they are selling is going to be very revealing about the US marketplace. I can’t wait!

So what I see thus far is some damn good Makers making some really cool stuff.

Trend #1: Brandies - As a whole, brandy is hot right now and it’s a trend that we expect to grow even more in 2018. LibDib has some really amazing brandies on our platform made by several Makers throughout the country. These aren’t flavored brandies, rather they are hand-crafted using real, fresh fruit. Pear, apple (an oaked version too), cherry, plum and mango brandy are just a few on LibDib. Made by father and daughter teams, guys and gals with a dream, people who make brandy because they love it.

Trend #2: Infused Whiskeys - Apple pie, blackberry, chocolate, cinnamon, peach, coffee, and salted caramel are some of the flavors showing up in craft whiskey on the LibDib platform these days. And these aren’t just flavored with unnatural stuff. These are whiskies that are hand-crafted with natural ingredients that enhance the entire overall flavor. As a shot, chilled over ice, or mixed into a cocktail these are whiskeys that will leave you wanting more.

Trend #3: Sparkling Wine, in a bottle or in a can - Everyone is talking about the big trend of sparkling this year and into 2018, so this is no shocker.  However, the cool thing we’re seeing on the LibDib platform is different formats (bottles and cans) and fun new brand names like “Boss Lady Bubbles,” “Love Wins” and “Karma.” We also have a sparkling blend and a red sparkling wine offered on the platform. Bubbles are a-changin’!

Trend #4: Gift Packs -  Gift packs as a trend? I can just see the eye rolling. But we’re not talking about your grandma’s gift packs. We’re talking about the gift pack that your hipster brother wants for Christmas. The set of craft aged bourbons, small production bourbon and rye, or speciality vodka paired with an infused spirit. We love seeing Makers get creative with gift packs and we are hoping that Santa puts one in our stockings this year.

So, if you think any of the above sounds good to you, check out the products on LibDib today. You’ll need to register and create an account, but once you do your eyes will be open to some very cool new products that Makers around the world are working on right now.