The Fastest Way to Fill a Distribution Gap

Wine and spirits Makers of all sizes will inevitably have gaps in distribution. A distributor drops you, ghosts you, or decides to not take your latest brand innovation to their sales channels. In the wholesale alcohol industry, state regulations and distributor strangleholds can mean “gaps” like these are the size of entire states.

Don’t worry! Even the largest, most recognizable wine and spirits producers can find themselves suddenly without a distributor in key territories. The bottom effectively falls out and major inroads for revenue are suddenly cut off. We know Makers can’t afford to wait months for a new distributor to come on board— especially during times of a down economy.

Has this happened to you? If so, LibDib closes distribution gaps quickly, keeps your key sales going and can continue with your established buyer relationships— all while you find a new distributor. 

This is where online wholesale platform LibDib shines. LibDib can function as either a stopgap distribution option or long-term wholesale alcohol distribution solution. 

How? To start, we have no long term contracts for basic distribution. You can use LibDib to fill the gap and then move on. Or you can sign up (it’s free) and you’ll fall so deeply in love with our simplified distribution solution so much you’ll never leave us (that’s 90% of our Maker accounts continue to utilize LIbdib as part of their wine and spirits sales strategy).

Secondly, we encourage YOU (the Maker) to manage the relationships with buyers. No middleman or timing issues with getting a distributor to onboard  your products. You simply reach out to accounts, give them the heads up that they can order products  from you via LibDib and you’re good to go.

Lastly, LibDib allows for Makers to plug into a massive, nationwide network of buying accounts as quickly as it takes to set up a profile. This makes it easy for makers to identify on-premise and off-premise accounts that are open to bringing emerging/innovative/new brands to their location.

This provides three major advantages:

  1. The ability to work with existing and established buyers. Any buyer with a LibDib account can make purchases. Continue to foster these relationships through LibDib, whether a small account or a large chain We work with all kinds of buyers. If one of your buyers is not on LibDib yet, we can help make the transition process easy. 
  2. Immediate distribution. The “red tape” is nonexistent here. LibDib can immediately distribute products once you send us your license and any state compliance requirements are met. 
  3. Access to new markets, as well as your current ones. LibDib offers immense marketing opportunities and the ability to create new inroads. Makers may quickly discover a demand for their products in otherwise untested markets thanks to the inherent connectivity of the platform.

These are the reasons major Makers continue to utilize LibDib. While it can certainly function as a stopgap solution to wine and spirits distribution, it can also continue to function as a distribution solution for years to come. This allows for Makers to experiment with small-batch releases (LibDib does not enforce a minimum purchase) before committing to ramping up manufacturing and production. 

Looking to fill your distribution gap? 

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