Just In Time for Dry January: LibDib Offers the Easy Way to Distribute Non-Alcohol Brands

The no-alcohol/non-alc category within the beverage industry is on fire. Nielsen reported this year that “as of August 2022, non-alcoholic wine took up 13.4% of sales, with a market worth $52.04 million, up +23.2% from a year ago and non-alcoholic spirits took up 1.3%, worth $5.03 million, up +88.4% from a year ago.” This is obviously a growing trend. 

With Dry January just around the corner, now is the time for non-alcoholic brands to set up distribution channels and get products to market. LibDib offers a very flexible model for these brands and has been helping numerous non-alc brands expand their trade customer base. 

While LibDib is a three-tier distributor, the regulatory environment is different for non-alc brands and the benefits (amazing shipping rates) and the economics of LibDib really works for non-alc Makers. LibDib offers competitive shipping rates due to our excellent LibShip rates and without alcohol regulations, Makers can get live immediately, which means they can start selling right away. 

Buyers can stock their shelves with non-alc products. LibDib makes it easy to find them in our online store and even offers a non-alc shopping section. LibDib is also going to conduct non-alc marketing pushes in January. 

For those Makers who are ready for distribution, LibDib is currently available in 14 markets (you can find a list of those here). LibDib’s freight rates (15 cases+) are competitive and can be a good choice for large drop account. Non-alc spirits in bottles that are $15-20 and above, find that LibDib’s shipping rates are key when putting their orders through the LibDib model. LibShip labels are easily downloaded and there is no at-rest requirement for non-alc beverages, so products go direct to each account (also no dock and delivery fee!) LibDib also invoices, collects from the Buyer and takes all the credit risk. LibDib marks-up non-alc offerings by 8% (vs. 14% for alcohol Makers). 

To get started, non-alcoholic Makers follow the same onboarding steps as spirits or wine Makers. No alcohol license is required for non-alcoholic products (this can include mixers, modifiers, bar extras, etc.). Makers can skip the license page and go straight to uploading brand information and products. Makers who are interested can visit the LibDib Markets page, review the Go Live document for that market and get started right away.

To get started, visit the LibDib Help Center where Makers will find information on how to sign up as well as how LibDib works with non-alc brands.