5 Questions for E-Premise Partner, Shots Box

E-Premise has been a LibDib topic for some time. Why? The growth of E-Premise has been an important part of the evolution of three-tier distribution. This DTC method of building a brand online requires a three-tier wholesale distributor to fulfill all consumer orders via licensed distributors and that’s where LibDib comes in. 

We’re working with a number of innovative E-Premise partners to help Makers develop this important sales channel. Today we focus on Shots Box, a nationwide liquor delivery service that offers unique and exotic liquors and spirits from around the world. 

What’s your company’s origin story? 

In 2017, we (J.C. Stock and Bri Osthed) got together to create a subscription service that would introduce customers to new, unique, craft spirits in 50mL bottles. After running businesses in the real estate and legal world, J.C. was ready to start an exhilarating business and passion project. 

We started with 50mL sample boxes and grew to include 750mL bottles. From the start, it was our priority to remember the importance of personalized relationships with not only our customers, but with the brands we were selling. 

Shots Box is all about building friendships and having a good time.

Can you share with us your progress? 

We have grown from a 50mL sample subscription service to a full-fledged ecommerce liquor store that aims to support the many craft spirit distilleries we work with. As we got to know some of our favorite distillers a little better, we learned how difficult it was to get their products into the hands of their customers that were sometimes located all over the country. 

When customers realized we carried the hard-to-find, craft brands, we began receiving calls from customers requesting specific brands and products from their favorite distilleries that they couldn’t find in their local liquor stores. We now have over 400 products featured on our website and work with dozens of distilleries all over the world.

What’s the best way for a LibDib Maker to work with you?

We are always on the hunt for unique, delicious new brands to add to our store. We recognize that our customers’ tastes are as unique as their fingerprints. The more variety we are able to offer them, the better our success and the better the success of our brands. All it takes is a quick email to Bri or J.C. at which point we will discuss your needs and do whatever we can to create an environment that will attract both your customers and ours. All we require from the Makers is a passion for what they do and a willingness to work together towards success with Shots Box. 

Can you share a Maker success story with us?

The greatest successes we have seen have been the small brands that are selling just a bottle or two here and there. They are creative and caring individuals who aren’t necessarily “running a business”, but rather looking to share their passion with anyone who will listen. 

These are individuals and brands who wouldn’t be able to reach far past their front door without distributors like LibDib, and retailers like Shots Box, who are willing and able to work with small craft brands. 

Years ago, and even today, brands like these are turned away and shut down by most distributors and retailers because the brand can’t promise a high quantity of sales. These are some of the most unique and delicious spirits you could imagine!

If you could give one piece of brand advice what would it be?

Don’t lose yourself in the “business” of selling spirits. Remember why you started doing what you’re doing. Remember your brand’s back story, your inspirations, and the passion that has fueled your business.