LibDib@RNDC TX, It’s Kind of a Big Deal

By Cheryl Durzy --

To say that I am excited about LibDib@RNDC TX is an understatement. It’s huge and it changes everything. Three-tier compliant distribution for all--everywhere, one case at a time, any Maker, any size, any brand, any product--is here and we are expanding rapidly. First Texas, then the rest of the country will fall right into place. 

With the addition of Texas, distribution through LibDib is now available in the top 5 markets, all from one platform. I will quote Ron Burgundy here…“It’s kind of a big deal.” 

Let me back up a little here. LibDib was founded on the vision of providing three-tier access to all markets for ALL Makers. The business model is different in that Makers control their relationships with Buyers and are the brand ambassador--on the street or online. LibDib supports these efforts with an innovative technology platform, a top-notch e-commerce experience and forward-thinking logistics partners. We launched in 2017 in CA and NY, two of the country’s largest markets. With the addition of the Texas market, we are now in 7 markets (CA, FL, IL, CO, TX, NY, WI).

I am proud to say that LibDib is now in the top 5 U.S. markets (covering nearly 50% of consumers) in just under 5 years. 

In my previous life, distribution with one of the two largest wholesalers would be required to have same-company coverage in all key markets. However, it was not easy to lock that down and the hidden costs of working with a distributor can add up.  

I am so proud of our amazing team who has brought us to this point, along with our innovative technology and different approach to the industry. My dream was to create an all-inclusive distribution option that was compliant, easy (thanks technology magic) and would give Makers control of not only their brand, but their Buyer relationships. With LibDib@RNDC TX we are one step closer to realizing that dream. 

Our existing LibDib Maker army probably has a lot of questions about how LibDib@RNDC will operate. It is going to be a true combination of the best features of both companies, providing a simplified look at each company’s distribution model. RNDC is the distributor of record in the state of Texas and delivers to accounts. LibDib is the backbone platform, which opens the Texas gates to all Makers. The signup process is a little different and it will take more time to “Go Live.” There are a few more steps. But hang in there. Good things come to those who wait. 

Interested in being in the Texas market? Sign up.


We will be in touch shortly. Also, keep in mind that specific Maker compliance in Texas is required and it can take over two months. So if you want to get in the market with LibDib@RNDC, start the process ASAP! I look forward to seeing your brands in the Lone Star State.