The Maker Checklist for OND Sales

The critical months of OND (October, November and December) are around the corner. Makers, it’s the time of year where you must be your own advocate if you want to drive sales through the end of the year. 

Prior to the holiday rush, Buyers are going to stock up on inventory. Buyers start looking for products to stock up on as early as August and prepared Makers reap the benefits when it comes to cases sold.

Are you ready? Here’s a quick checklist to help you find success:

    • Place Gift Packs and Seasonal Items on LibDib - Makers, immediately place any gift packs and seasonal items front and center on your LibDib page. Post gift packs and seasonal offerings on social media outlets. Link back to LibDib so wholesale customers can buy direct from your distributor. Include any special releases as well. 
    • Update Products on LibDib - There is nothing worse for a Buyer experience than ordering a product that is actually out of stock or seeing only past vintages. Make sure listings and your storefront are up to date on LibDib. Make sure your brand page looks good. Get everything in tip-top shape. 
    • Be Proactive - Reach out to customers. Don’t be afraid to ask for a sale. Remember, with LibDib you’re in charge of the relationship. Making sales can be as direct as a phone call to customers, an email, or even a text. Thank customers for a great year and ask them how you can help get them ready for the holiday season.
    • Set Tiered Discount Pricing - When Buyers order higher quantities a tiered discount can be the tipping point that gets them to commit to more cases. Discounts can also open up opportunities to sell your products into Chains or Clubs.
    • Get Your Team Prepared - Be ready to take on a high volume of holiday sales. Make sure the right team members are in place and that everyone is ready to process and ship orders. 
    • Get Your Shipping Set - Once those holiday orders come rolling in, shipping absolutely needs to be top priority. Makers need to ship within 24 hours. Make sure your LibShip account is ready. Order all of the boxes and packaging needed for the holiday season. Set yourself up for success.
    • Follow Up with Customers - Once a product has been delivered check in with customers to make sure they are happy. A month into OND check in to see how things are going and if they need anything else. Be the help your customers need to get through this holiday season.

Wishing you lots of success! Now get out there and sell.