4 Ways to Use PR to Promote Your Wine or Spirits Brand

If you’re in the process of starting your own business or growing an existing brand, then marketing and public relations go hand in hand. PR is an efficient way to turn your unknown startup into a household name, not to mention it can drastically influence your SEO results (i.e. more web traffic!) Especially in the field of wine distribution or liquor distribution, media coverage is essential to reach your target audience and develop brand awareness.

Here at LibDib, we can speak from experience when referring to the benefits of PR. As a wholesale alcohol distributor who works with hundreds of brands, we know that it’s just as essential to conquer media outlets as it is to maintain your product quality and customer service. A well designed wine or spirits brand can only take you so far..excellent publicity will take you to the top. 

Why You Should Use PR?

If debating on whether or not your company should utilize PR, you should consider these top two benefits that’ll ultimately impact your sales. 

  1. Allure Investors

In the world of liquor or wine distribution, media coverage can expose your company to possible investors. Positive reviews can persuade outsiders to invest if they see the potential for the company to expand. Additionally, funding will not only help your company increase sales and production, but it most likely will help push future projects, transforming your local wine or spirits brand into a nationally distributed company. 

  1. Validate Your Brand

Your brand’s image needs to draw in consumers. PR strategies can help achieve this by a reputable source highlighting the quality of your company. Appearing as a business that is reliable, resourceful, and promising, will gain the respect of audiences. This audience will turn from onlookers to consumers, leading to an increase in brand awareness and sales. 

At this point, having a public relations team or using PR sources sounds like a no-brainer, right? 

Before you jump the gate, here are some tips on how to use PR to your advantage, grow your wine or spirits distribution and your company into a nationally known brand. 

4 Ways to Use PR 

  1. Media Coverage

As discussed above, you want your company to be trustworthy. Media coverage can validate your brand and educate consumers. It helps to communicate how your company functions and the differentiating aspects of your brand. What sets you apart from other products? What is your brand voice and appearance? What is your mission and vision? Provide all of these details to the media through a polished media kit and make sure that messaging is consistent across all of your external communications. Don’t have time to do this on your own? Hire a PR firm. Yes, some can be expensive but there are many boutique PR firms out there that can help you for a small monthly fee. Be sure to announce new products, company milestones, as well as events, to keep your name in the news. 

Curious how to secure media coverage? Research media who are covering your competitors and pitch them on your story. Develop a wine or spirits sample program and submit your products for awards. These third party endorsements will take your brand a long way! LibDib relied on media coverage to get the word out when we first launched and it has been instrumental to our growth!

  1. Influencer Marketing 

PR is not just about media coverage anymore. Social media platforms are some of the most significant marketing tools around. People tend to trust the opinions of influencers and those they follow. Use this to your advantage by reaching out to bloggers, Instagram influencers, and Youtube personalities. Tell them about your company and have them review your products. To keep your influencer marketing program organized, outline was is required of them prior to sending them samples. Be creative by having them create new drink recipes, wine pairings or lifestyle shots. After all, you want to develop content that influences buyers’ behaviors. Influencer marketing can be an excellent PR tactic to control your narrative. 

  1. Events 

As a fine wine and craft spirits distributor, we know that many consumers want to try a product before purchasing it. Events allow consumers to come face to face with your product and the faces behind the brand. Yes, events can be expensive but they don’t have to be. Look up craft spirits or wine events in your local area and represent your brand there. Find an association to link up with. There are multiple AVA-related events/groups in the wine industry and associations like the American Craft Spirits Association. Not only can you get in front of consumers at these events, but you may even find your wholesale wine distributor or your next investor. 

Not sure which events are out there? Industry trades like Wine Industry Advisor, have great lists of industry events you can research. 

  1. Owned Media 

It used to be that PR was just media relations, but today one of the most cost-efficient ways to use PR is through owned media. This includes your blog, website and social media. These are all platforms that belong to you! Why not use them to your advantage? Not only will you be seen as a reputable source for information but this is where the real SEO results lie. 

Share stories that bring consumers into the  greatness of your company. Talk about why people should choose your product. Provide fun, seasonal recipes. Highlight consumer feedback and quotes. Post your media coverage and write commentaries on the industry. 

If you are new to the wine production industry and want to promote your business, check out our site to learn more about how to distribute your product.