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Cheryl Durzy of LibDibBy Cheryl Durzy, Founder & CEO, LibDib - 

When I founded LibDib 3.5 years ago I had a mission to provide three-tier compliant wholesale alcohol distribution to all wine and spirits Makers, no matter the production or distribution size. My goal (then and now) is distribution for any brand, in every market. Today, we are well on our way to reaching that goal: LibDib is currently in 5 markets (CA, NY, FL, CO, WI) and another 8 will go online this year.

Coming from the Maker side of this business (I spent 20 years developing the wholesale channel for my family’s winery in the Northern Central Coast) I sometimes have blinders on to anything that is outside the norm of what I call “everyday business.” My original business plan called for independent accounts doing business with independent Makers, one case at a time. That was my definition of “everyday business.”

However, as every good start up does, we pivoted. Our “everyday business” continues to grow (thanks to our amazing vintners and distillers from all around the world). At the same time new opportunities have cropped up where LibDib is providing real value. Those opportunities include chains (read more about that here) and sourcing products for subscription clubs, barrel programs and private labels programs.

To date we’ve connected a number of retailers, restaurants and bars with Makers to create specialty offerings. Whether it be a unique barrel of a specialty whiskey, a private label that’s incredibly high quality, or a club offer that no one has ever seen before, LibDib delivers on the products progressive buyers seek. For example, we worked with Treecraft Distillery out of San Francisco to create a custom bottling for a country club. LibDib Maker, Painted Stave in Delaware, worked with us to create a special offering for a subscription club.

We found that our alcohol wholesale distribution model is the perfect solution for retailers and marketers seeking unique, hard-to-find, small production, authentic, wines and spirits. LibDib’s selection of products grows every day, so there is always something new and interesting to try. Perhaps a retailer wants something special to offer members but it’s not in distribution?

LibDib can bring tangible value to any club and barrel program. Here’s how.

Subscription Clubs

The U.S. has seen massive growth in subscription clubs across all industries and of course alcohol is part of the equation. Meal delivery, clothing (we’re Fabletics fans here), pet supplies, cosmetics, and accessories are now being sold via the club model. Even large traditional retailers like Amazon, Nordstrom and Walmart are getting into the subscription game.

The adult beverage industry is no different. Consumers love receiving curated, unique wines and spirits delivered directly to their door. However, for retailers looking to develop or improve their clubs, there are three-tier logistics and alcohol distribution laws to wade through for efficient access to small production and unique products.

Our club buyers report:

  • More personalized selections for their members.
  • Access to rare and customized spirits or wines.
  • The ability to offer new, emerging, hard to find brands.
  • Higher margins for quality products.

We have direct access to hundreds of small producers and can make introductions. Perhaps you’re a retailer who wants something special, but it’s not in distribution? We can help!

Barrel Programs

Retailers, bars and restaurants are clamoring for special barrel selections from distilleries. We’ve seen a jump in requests for speciality bourbon and rye barrel selections from our Reseller partners. LibDib currently represents hundreds of craft distilleries who are eager to offer a unique barrel of a special whiskey. We have connected a number of retailers and restaurants/bars with our Makers thus far and the results have been phenomenal.

Private Labels (or Control Labels)

There is so much being said now about private label growth in both craft wine and spirits. We hear from some of our large chain retailer friends that they are planning for 40% of SKU’s to be control labels within the next couple of years. It makes sense given higher margins as well as increased oversight of packaging, the supply chain and quality. Here in LibDib land we have connected buyers and sellers to create and sell private labels, both in large and small quantities. Our platform offers the most flexible (and economic) alcohol distribution option out there. Retailers of all sizes can save valable margin utilizing LibDib for their private label programs.

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