Our Next Market Is...

Our Next Market is Colorado - Alcohol Distribution

Colorado! LibDib is heading to the Centennial state. Our license is currently pending; meanwhile we are getting our Makers up to speed while we prepare.

Why Colorado? Colorado is super CRAFTY. It is considered one of the top five states that really pushed the craft beer movement forward starting in the 80’s. In addition, craft spirits Colorado is in the top ten for the highest number of craft distilleries within its borders. And finally, there are no large chain stores in Colorado (license limitation, like NY), so the independent retail game is strong and seeking differentiation when it comes to small quantity, unique products.

In other words, Colorado is primed for cool, authentically craft, family-owned brands.

Additionally, RNDC is currently operating (btw, RNDC is the nation’s second largest distributor and we are ecstatic to be their partner) in Colorado. To be compliant with three-tier regulations, we need a warehouse. RNDC has one, therefore offering simplified logistics for LibDib and its Makers. Win-win.

Colorado is also a key state for very well-known wine and spirits events (just ask our friends who attended the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen last week). To participate in these events, Makers need a distributor. Enter LibDib. We offer distribution to ANY wine or spirits Maker who wants it.

Any brand, any Maker, will have distribution into the state of Colorado.

So, if you are a small wine or spirits Maker wanting to sell into Colorado, sign up. And if you want all the deets on how we are going to operate in Colorado listen to our brand new Colorado webinar recording.