What I have to say about Pricing, which is a lot, but bear with me

Many Makers have been asking us here at LibDib about pricing. They want to know how best to price their products and then submit an offering to restaurants, bars and retailers. My nearly 20 years of...

Margin, Margin, Margin

Distribution, done differently. That is our motto. And it resonates true in everything that we do. The LibDib model is different than the traditional wholesaler model in a number of ways. Most...

Distribution 101

Cheryl Durzy

LibDib is Yours as Much as It's Ours

Jeff Markham

Hello. Is it me you are looking for?

Cheryl Durzy

New Web-Based Distribution Portal

San Jose, Calif.—The founders of the new company Liberation Distribution claim the new web-based distribution portal provides a new and easy path to wholesale sales for beverage alcohol suppliers....