A Glimpse Into The Future of Women in Our Industry

I had the fortunate opportunity to attend two great events in New York and Washington, D.C. last week. Interestingly enough, they were both centered around women in the alcohol industry.

Running a Small Business: What I’ve Learned About Priorities

I’m a small business owner for the first time in my life and I must say, over the past year I’ve learned a lot. I don’t sleep much (I’m working on that) and I assume that many of our LibDib Makers,...

A Message to Retailers: It’s Time to Get Crafty

It seems everyone in the industry is talking about how independent retailers can survive in the age of Amazon. We love Brad Rosen’s article “Did Amazon Just Kill Liquor Retail As We know It?” for...

Promoting for Makers: It’s Hard To Do Marketing When It's Your Own Business

Like you, I’m a small business owner and like you, I struggle getting everything done each day. There’s just not enough time! And that’s why many small brands aren’t able to market themselves....

How to Work the Market: A Quick Makers Guide to Selling

Working the market. Everyone talks about it but how do you really work a market? Who do you target and how much time should you spend selling? As I mentioned in my last blog post on brokers and...

Sales Strategies: Sell it yourself, hire a broker or hire a sales team

You’re on LibDib. You’ve posted your products. You’ve created a nice-looking page. You’ve figured out a competitive retail price. What’s next? Selling.

OND.....Act Now!

OND: October, November, December. The three-month period when distributors do not allow new brands, work-withs, price changes, new product introductions, or pretty much anything supplier related. OND...

LibDib: Our first 100 days....and counting

Wow, it’s been a while since my last blog post! Things have really been crazy in LibDib land (good crazy!) I was in New York twice in June as we officially opened sales there on June 1. While in New...

The Three Tier System Can (And Will) Work for Everyone

Every day I talk to around three to four Makers about LibDib. Makers who have products on the platform, some who just signed up and others who are exploring their options. I love telling them my...

The Little Things About Logistics

A lot of LibDib Makers have been asking questions about packaging and shipping. It’s really interesting coming from the wine side of things. Wineries have been shipping Direct to Consumer for a...
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