Exciting New Brands in Online Wholesale Alcohol: LibDib’s New Arrivals

Buying alcohol wholesale has never been so exciting! Big names are getting into the business, like Kate Hudson and her newly launched King St. Vodka. This is a delicious, gluten-free vodka that is...

Market Trends that Have Me Worried About Small Production Wine

    By Cheryl Durzy Dear Fellow Wineries (I feel I can call myself a fellow winery after 20 years managing wine sales at my family’s business. Hope you don’t mind).

How To Boost Holiday Sales With These New Craft Wines & Spirits

It’s four weeks until Christmas and customers are stocking up on new libations for the holiday season. Data shows that today’s consumer is looking for authenticity. What is authenticity?...

Buy Wholesale Wine & Spirits Online: How LibDib Helps Restaurants, Bars, & Retailers

  Online shopping: As consumers, most of us are pretty used to it by now. We buy everything from groceries to toilet paper and dog food. But for business to business (B2B) transactions in the wine...

THE Wine Distributor With Hundreds of 90+ Point Reds

  How many of your customers have recently asked for a wine with a 90+ rating? Most Resellers get that question every single day (p.s. we also get asked that question.)

Solving the Wine & Spirits Shipping Conundrum

By Cheryl Durzy As many of you know, the LibDib business model is different from that of other alcohol distributors, even our partner Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC). We have lower...

Using Visuals to Elevate Your Brand: LibDib’s New Outshinery Offer

By Laurie Millotte, Founder and Chief Amazement Officer, Outshinery. Whether you sell wine or spirits via B2B or B2C, your brand’s image is everything. Looks matter because visuals supply an...

Succeeding as a One-Person Sales Team

How to be a Successful Wine & Spirits Sales Team of One One of the most exciting aspects around LibDib’s model is that Makers can personally build their brands exactly how they want. Using...

LibDib’s Best-Selling Spirits

    Our Best Selling Spirits in California  LibDib now offers several thousand wines and spirits in California. Our unique selection is growing by the day! Restaurants, bars and retailers are...

The Real, and Perceived, Competition in the Wholesale Alcohol Business

By Cheryl Durzy - As founder and CEO of LibDib, part of my job is staying on top of our competitive environment. I read a ton and talk to people from both the beverage industry and the technology...
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