Self Service Distribution for Wine and Spirits? Yes, it’s a real thing.

By Cheryl Durzy, Founder and CEO, LibDib -  “Hi, my name is Cheryl Durzy and we are seeking distribution for my family’s winery. I sent an email with all the details and would love to schedule...

How to Prepare for OND in the Alcohol Beverage Industry

OND (October, November, December) is the playoffs of the wine and spirits industry--40% of annual sales happen in just one quarter.

There Are Many Opportunities for Brands--If You Know Where to Look

By Rob Foss, VP of Revenue, LIbDib - It’s been nearly three months since I joined LibDib and I am now seeing the present and future of wholesale distribution unfold. I’m watching new alcohol...

DTC for Wine and Spirits: How to Secure National Distribution without Being Nationally Distributed

When small-batch wine and spirits producers experience local success, the next step is obvious: expand into new markets. While the “what” is immediately apparent, the “how” can prove difficult....

How Large Alcohol Brands Can Shift to a Small-Batch Strategy

For the past several years, there’s been a massive boom in the small-batch wine and spirits market. Younger generations of consumers have shown a preference for more authentic and personal...

How to Build an Online Digital Presence

Earlier this year, LibDib partnered with New York advertising and digital marketing agency, Ruckus Marketing to grow our digital and social marketing efforts. Their work has been tremendous--from...

How Wineries Can Profit in an Industry Downturn

The wine industry has been in a downturn for some time. With a combination of older customers aging out, increased competition andother factors, a downward trend was almost inevitable. Now is the...

New Wine & Spirits Brands Now Available in Florida

LibDib has been distributing products in Florida for less than a year. In that short period of time, we’ve built up an impressive store full of innovative wine and spirits brands, including...

The Fastest Way to Fill a Distribution Gap

Wine and spirits Makers of all sizes will inevitably have gaps in distribution. A distributor drops you, ghosts you, or decides to not take your latest brand innovation to their sales channels. In...

Gold Medal Winners: 5 LibDib Makers Receive SF World Spirits Awards

On the shores of the historic San Francisco Bay, a panel of esteemed alcohol industry experts recently judged an array of small-batch whiskey, ryes and vodkas.
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