2021 - The Year of the Wine and Spirits Buyer

By Cheryl Durzy What a year 2020 has been. I think it’s fair to say that it’s been a whirlwind for everyone. While I’ve dealt with my own personal challenges this year, I feel very fortunate that

Holiday Shipping: Avoid Delays During the Busy End to OND

By Cheryl Durzy, Founder & CEO -  Experts are predicting nearly $200 billion in e-commerce sales this holiday season . LibDib’s Makers and Buyers need to be prepared for this spike in wine and...

Wine & Spirits Sales During OND: How Makers Can Continue to Sell During the Busiest Time of the Year

During the critical months of OND (October, November and December), wine and spirits Makers need to be their own advocates if they want to continue to drive sales through the end of the year....

How Wine & Spirits Brands Can Execute an Effective Growth Strategy

Creating and executing an effective growth strategy is where a lot of successful Makers hit a stumbling block. Their wine and spirits products are selling well, there’s demand and room for...

How to Sell Wine & Spirits in Today’s Market A Q&A with Edge Beverage Consulting

Edge Beverage is one of the leading U.S.-based beverage consulting firms. Their success comes from a fractional services model, which allows small and mid-sized drink brands to work with account...

How a Start-Up Distillery Generated Six-Figures in Sales During a Pandemic

In a year when growth in the beverage alcohol industry seems tenuous, craft distillery Kozuba & Sons found a path to massive expansion. Operating out of sunny St. Petersburg, on Florida’s gulf...

Wine and Spirits Brands Shift Focus to Online Sales - Ecommerce Has Entered Unprecedented Territory

The pandemic has forced industries-- and their customers-- to adapt and change. It has forced companies to focus primarily on online business. For better or for worse, we may never see a true...

Self Service Distribution for Wine and Spirits? Yes, it’s a real thing.

By Cheryl Durzy, Founder and CEO, LibDib -  “Hi, my name is Cheryl Durzy and we are seeking distribution for my family’s winery. I sent an email with all the details and would love to schedule...

How to Prepare for OND in the Alcohol Beverage Industry

OND (October, November, December) is the playoffs of the wine and spirits industry--40% of annual sales happen in just one quarter.

There Are Many Opportunities for Brands--If You Know Where to Look

By Rob Foss, VP of Revenue, LIbDib - It’s been nearly three months since I joined LibDib and I am now seeing the present and future of wholesale distribution unfold. I’m watching new alcohol...
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