What if we told you signing up with a new distributor can be easy and you could be buying new craft spirits & wine online in a matter of minutes?

As a bartender, restaurateur, sommelier, or retailer, you know all too well the challenges of working with a a new distributor. Credit apps and another rep to deal with can be daunting!...

LibDib is a Distributor not a Broker and Why It Matters

Is LibDib a broker? We get that question all the time and the answer is no, we are not a broker. LibDib is a fully licensed, three-tier compliant wholesale distributor. We utilize a technology...

Hit the Ground Running: Tips to Make 2019 the Year of Selling

Happy 2019!  Heading into the new year, LibDib is here for all wine and spirits producers looking for compliant three-tier distribution in three states (and many more to come!) All licensed Makers...

LibDib's Predictions for 2019

Here it is, my predictions for 2019. Overall, I agree with others in the industry that canned wine and cocktails will continue to grow in the coming year. Rosé production has finally outgrown...

Maker Compliance Blog -- “I want to grow my business through distribution in more states….OR DO I???”

If you’re reading this LibDib blog, you’re probably aware that we announced some significant strategic partnerships recently. We are very excited to expand to new markets, and we understand that...

Craft Distribution Opportunities: Thoughts from Louisville, Kentucky

Last week I attended the first ever Craft Beverage Distribution Conference in Louisville, KY. I was honored to deliver the opening keynote on the past, present and future of the middle tier. Based on...

Distribution into Wisconsin Is Now Available to ANY Maker!

Question: “What state is LibDib going to next?”

The Evolution of Three-Tier is Here: Liberation Distribution (LibDib) and Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) Form a New Partnership

I am excited to announce that LibDib has cemented a partnership with RNDC, the country’s second largest wine and spirits wholesaler.

Tips for Small Producers: If it were easy, everybody would do it

I’ve said this before….my favorite part of this job is working with our Makers. I love every single story I hear about people following their passion. And, after all, passion breeds passion.

Q&A with LibDib Compliance

Regulatory Compliance for Makers: A Q&A with LibDib’s Senior Compliance Lead